Hazara province a fundamental right: Hoti

Says that difference of opinion should be within the purview of the Constitution.

Muhammad Sadaqat September 18, 2011


Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti has said that a peaceful struggle for winning the status of a province for the Hazara division is the fundamental right of the people. He added that while the government has great respect for their struggle, they should adopt the constitutional way.

Hoti was speaking to selected groups of lawyers, journalists and local traders at the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa House here on Saturday.

During his visit, workers of the Tehrik Suba Hazara blocked the Karakoram Highway (KKH) for over six hours in protest against the chief minister, as well as the leadership of the ANP and the PML-Q.

Hoti said that difference of opinion was the beauty of democracy, adding that it should be within the purview of the constitution and law of the land. He said that since late Khudai Khidmatgar Bacha Khan’s party believed in the politics of non-violence, the leadership will continue to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood with the people of Hazara. He added that the ANP-led coalition government will utilise its available resources for putting an end to the deprivation of the people of Hazara.

Development in K-P

The chief minister said that the provincial government is sincere in overcoming the issues faced in Abbottabad, such as the scarcity of water for which a water supply scheme costing Rs4.5 billion has been launched.

Hoti further said that the government will soon set up four new industrial zones in Abbottabad, Mansehra, Haripur and Hattar in order to create job opportunities for youth and generate economic activity in Hazara. He added that the establishment of a branch of State Bank, PTV centre, a campus of Hazara University, flyovers and by-passes in Abbottabad city will be taken up with the federal government soon.

The chief minister went on to praise the role of the media, saying that positive criticism was imperative for the government.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 18th, 2011.


let there be peace | 10 years ago | Reply When you accept the principle to make and name a separate province for an ethnic group/tribe, there is a risk that every little group will start asking for separate province and may be even a separate country. India's north-east is an example. Indian subcontinent has thousands of castes/tribes. The way of life here has always been that many groups live together as synchronous cultures in various regions. This may sound like meddling in your country's internal affairs but I must say naming entire NWFP after a single ethnic group was a bad idea. I might be wrong but I don't think 'Pakhtun' denotes a cultural identity like 'Punjab' or 'Sindh'
Abdul Mannan | 10 years ago | Reply

HAZARA PROVINCE. On the occasion of the visit of KPK chief minister to Abbotabad supporters of Hazara province have protested and carried out demonstrations against his visit.Afterall he has not done any harm to Hazarwi people.Peoplee of Hazara have opposed the new name of their province because they thought that the name should not be on racial or ethnic grounds.Had politicians of Hazara tried in time,our Pakhtun brothers could have been persuaded to agree to a name acceptable to all sections of population and of course meeting the aspirations of Pakhtuns.Hazarwi people are proud of their support to unity and soverignty and interests of Pakistan.Some sons of Hazara have lost their precious lives for the cause of Pakistan and not that they strted following the footsteps of those who are sowing the seeds of separatism and secession in Pakistan.Let us all remain united for unity is strength.Hazarwi people are against secession and separatism.By having a separate province the poors of Hazara will not gain anything.Only the politicians of Hazara the elite of Hazara will be made the ministers ,chief ministers and governers.They will exploit their people as they and other politicians of Pakistan have been doing since the creation of Pakistan.If supporters of Hazara province think they are more patriotic than some others of their province they should remain part of the province so that the patrioitic forces there are sre strengthened.If Hazara is made a province it will be the smallest of all having the least influence in the affairs of their country.Let us decide whether we want to remain part of a great province and agreat country or wish to belong to a small province.If politicians of Hazara want to serve Hazarwi people they can do so while remaining ih KPK.It is strange that people who have always opposed the racial politics have themselves started the same.I request our provincial government to make arrangement for teaching of the pashto language as an optional subject and then as compulsory subject if the people so desire.This will help strenghthen the ties between people of KPK. Government and people of KPK,will I am sure cooperate with Hazarwi people in removing their grievaces.

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