BTS's Jin said he didn’t know RM was playing the saxophone during his military discharge

"I was crying... and didn't even realize Namjoon was there until later," Jin shared.

Pop Culture & Art July 11, 2024
Courtesy: @jin on Instagram; AllKpop

BTS member Jin recently opened up about his return from military service in an interview with Weverse Magazine. 

He revealed that upon his discharge, his first act was to connect with fans via a live session on Weverse. Reflecting on his feelings post-discharge, Jin expressed a sense of disorientation, likening his return to feeling like a temporary leave rather than a permanent discharge.

During the ceremony, which garnered significant attention, Jin confessed that he was so overwhelmed with emotions that he did not notice RM playing the saxophone beside him. 

He recounted that it was only later, upon seeing a video, that he realized RM had performed the BTS hit "Dynamite." Jin, accustomed to hearing military band music during similar ceremonies, initially mistook RM's live performance for recorded music.

"I was crying, trying to compose myself for the reporters, and didn't even realize Namjoon was there until later," Jin shared, adding humorously, "He looked like his usual self, just in a bizarre outfit! Anyway, I'm grateful he was there."


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