Is Love Island USA portraying fan favorite Leah Kateb as a villain?

As anticipated by producers, the Movie Night footage sparked a major argument among the women.

Pop Culture & Art July 11, 2024
Image: Peacock

Love Island USA is giving viewers whiplash from its depiction of Leah Kateb.

Kateb, originally coupled with Rob Bausch, was at the center of much drama during Season 6's Movie Night.

How was Leah Kateb Targeted in Love Island USA’s Movie Night?

At first, she viewed footage of Kaylor Martin and Olivia "Liv" Walker informing Rob that she played a key role in Andrea Carmona leaving the villa.

After the surprising elimination, Leah continued to insist that her role in the decision wasn't significant, although Rob now views this as untrue.

On a rather unusual note, the women had previously argued about Leah's role earlier in the season and resolved their conflict swiftly.

As anticipated by producers, the new footage sparked a major argument among the women.

However, Leah faced more criticism from her fellow islanders when the show aired footage of her criticizing Rob and mocking him for crying after she revealed he was torn between her and Andrea.

Why is Rob Bausch upset with Leah Kateb in Love Island USA?

In a humorous tirade, Leah criticized Rob to her female co-stars, expressing that his tears gave her the ick.

Despite initially finding the incident amusing, Leah apologized to Rob after Aaron Evans defended him, which was somewhat ironic given the behavior the Traitors UK winner has exhibited in recent weeks.

Anyway, Leah was remorseful about her comments and expressed regret to Rob for speaking about him in that manner.

Rob appreciated her apology but continued to believe that she was one of the islanders who shouldn't be trusted.

Since the videos featuring Leah were from earlier in the season, fans promptly noted their suspicion that producers intentionally portrayed her as the season's antagonist.

“I’m so mad about Love Island USA,” expressed one fan. “Quit trying to villainize my girl Leah and show how these men are snakes.”

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays on Peacock.


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