Hassan and Sunita’s interfaith bliss

Power couple talks fending off critics, respecting each other’s beliefs

News Desk July 11, 2024
“It’s very important to me that everyone respects my wife, my children, and my parents,” says Hassan. Photo: File


Celebrity couple Hassan Ahmed and Sunita Marshall recently opened up about their unique way of celebrating each other’s religious festivals and the graceful way they handle criticism from family and strangers alike.

The duo, known for their electrifying chemistry both on and off the screen, appeared as guests on The Masarrat Misbah Show for a candid chat about their interfaith marriage, painting a picture of harmony that’s as rare as it is inspiring.

“She enjoys putting up a Christmas tree, and as much as I don’t agree with it, it’s not a problem,” Hassan chuckled, revealing a glimpse of the couple’s comfortable relationship. “I know that the gesture is born out of festivity and the kids are actually enjoying it. They decorate the tree with lights, I am okay with it. On Eid, Sunita is with us and we have a great Eid. Family members come over as well.”

Sunita, ever the poised counterpart, added, “Typically, what happens on Eid is that all family gets together, exchange greetings and dines together. Christmas is the same. It’s our Eid. Unfortunately, the only family I have here are my two paternal uncles. The rest of my family lives in England including my parents and my brothers. So when it’s Christmas or Easter, all we do is have dinner at my uncles’ house.”

When the conversation turned to the inevitable critiques that come with being a high-profile interfaith couple in a society that’s still embracing the idea, Hassan was resolute. “If you ask me how I handle such critical people? I simply ‘non-handle’ them now.”

He added, “I don’t care what they think because such people will cling to their views all their lives. So I don’t care what they have to say about how I’m spending my life, that I am married to a Christian woman and how that affects my kids…”

However, Sunita quickly interjected, highlighting the support she receives from her husband’s family. “I must say that Hassan’s whole family respects me a lot. I don’t even feel like a Christian or an outsider among them on Eid. They treat me the same as they treat Hassan.”

Hassan, ever the protector, concluded, “It’s very important to me that everyone respects my wife, my children, and my parents. Even with my work colleagues… In today’s society, it’s very important to understand that nothing is bigger than self-respect. If you are being disrespected in any form, you must distance yourself from the source. Don’t give such people an opportunity to get close to you.”



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