Protest erupts in Karachi as residents suffer unannounced power outages amid heatwave

Frustrated citizens took to streets, burning tires, blocking roads, exacerbating traffic woes

Our Correspondent June 29, 2024


As Karachi swelters under intense heat, residents face an added burden of unannounced power outages that lead to several protests in the city.

From Friday through Monday night, neighbourhoods including Shaheen Complex, Punjab Chowrangi, Liaquatabad, Nazimabad, Orangi Town, and Abu al-Hasan Isfahani Road endured frequent load-shedding.

Frustrated citizens took to the streets, burning tyres and blocking roads, exacerbating traffic woes.

The prolonged outages forced residents of Railway Colony and nearby areas out of their homes, sparking protests near Shaheen Complex.

Demonstrators voiced outrage over the disruptive and unpredictable load shedding, which severely disrupted daily life, particularly for vulnerable groups such as women, children, and the elderly.

Despite numerous complaints, residents continued to receive hefty electricity bills.

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Locals demanded an immediate end to the irregular power cuts affecting Railway Colony and surrounding regions.

In Punjab Chowrangi, protests escalated into major traffic jams, with heavy trucks lining the streets. The scorching heat combined with persistent outages has exacerbated living conditions across Liaquatabad, Nazimabad, and Orangi Town

Residents lamented that while they diligently pay hefty electricity bills, even for single-room accommodations, penalties are imposed on entire communities for the non-payment of bills by a few individuals.

They criticized the disparity of officials enjoying free electricity while punishing residents for delayed payments. The community warned of further demonstrations if the Sindh government and Governor do not swiftly resolve the ongoing power crisis.

Near Abbas Town on Abu al-Hasan Isfahani Road, residents blocked traffic by burning tires, highlighting their desperation for relief amidst continuous hardship caused by power disruptions.

The situation remains tense as residents brace for potential further disruptions, urging authorities to take decisive action to alleviate their plight.












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