Karan Singh Grover reflects on love

Actor opens up about past divorces and current marriage to Bipasha Basu

News Desk June 25, 2024
Karan’s past holds two chapters of separation, both before he was a professional actor. Photo: File


Bollywood actor Karan Singh Grover is no stranger to the limelight, especially when it comes to his personal life. After a rollercoaster journey that saw him hitched and unhitched, Karan found his anchor in the talented Bipasha Basu. Their love story started in 2016 and the couple now have a daughter, Devi.

Karan’s past holds two chapters of separation, both before he was a professional actor. First with Shraddha Nigam in 2009, followed by Jennifer Winget in 2014. Opening up about these phases for the first time during a conversation with Bombay Times, he reflected, “I wasn’t a professional actor. I’m not the kind of person who would go and justify anything to anybody because I don’t need to. I’m not somebody who gets bothered if people think good or bad about me. It’s okay. It’s their choice. It’s their life. It is not even coming into my force field.”

Discussing the turbulence of breakups and divorces, Karan acknowledged their bitter essence but stressed that they usually happen for the best. In the actor’s own words, “There’s nothing good about a breakup or a divorce. Yeah, later when people move on, they realise that it happened for the best. That’s a good thing.”

He added, “But I never felt the need to speak to anyone about what’s happening in my life because I don’t expect people to come and talk to me about what’s happening in their life. That is not my main motive. I would like to spread some love and joy. Everyone has their own stuff to deal with and I think everyone deserves that kind of privacy to handle their own stuff.”

Fast forward to the present, Karan radiates joy in his marriage to Bipasha. He admitted that the Raaz actor changed his entire life and encouraged him to start painting as another profession. Karan said, “She is the kind of person who is in a constant state of giving. Whoever’s in her life stays connected with her. All the heavy, all the negative, the lower vibration stuff just falls.”

“I have another profession because of her. She helped me understand and connect with me. The real me. I know myself today because of her. The change that has happened is so drastic. Like from being a nocturnal being to somebody waking up at 5AM and wanting to see every sunrise and every sunset,” he gushed.


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