PST calls for a unified public front against water, power utilities

Our Correspondent June 24, 2024
PST calls for a unified public front against water, power utilities


Depriving people of essential utilities such as water, electricity, and gas is an egregious injustice, Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) leaders declared on Sunday.

The Pakistan Sunni Tehreek leaders called for a unified public front to address these issues, urging nationwide protests to hold the responsible entities accountable in light of state inaction.

Pakistan Sunni Tehreek Central Coordinator Tayyab Hussain Qadri, President of Karachi Division Muhammad Jawad Qadri, General Secretary Karachi Division Shehbaz Qadri, Information Secretary Karachi Division Muhammad Imran Qadri, and other officials criticized the severe impact of power outages in extreme heat on the populace.

They highlighted that no area in Karachi is free from the issues of electricity and water shortages. Public protests against these shortages have been met with indifference by the relevant departments.

The accused K-Electric of arbitrary billing practices, with no accountability. The leaders suggested that it appears as though KE is designed to exploit the public rather than serve them, emphasising that the state’s duty is to regulate privatised departments to ensure public welfare, a responsibility in which they believe the state is failing.

The Rabita Committee further criticized the operations of Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation, claiming it has created a state within the state.

The committee alleged that water supplied by KWSC was often contaminated with sewage and illegal hydrants and connections facilitated by a mafia are siphoning off public water.

They contended that such crises in electricity, gas, and water supply are unprecedented in the nation’s history, with corruption pervading every department.



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