Sadia Faisal believes 'career-oriented women' are behind surge in divorce rates

Actor landed herself in hot waters after recent controversial remarks

Entertainment Desk June 23, 2024

Pakistani actor Sadia Faisal recently appeared as a guest on the FHM podcast, where she delved into the dynamics of contemporary marriage in Pakistan and sparked controversy with her views on the rising divorce rates. In the podcast, Sadia highlighted her belief that an increase in women's independence and career orientation has led to higher divorce rates in the country.

She emphasised that, despite the evolving societal norms, the core traditions of Pakistani culture remain steadfast and significant. She elaborated on the issue by stating, “I think women have become more intolerant. They are more career-oriented now.”

According to Sadia, the growing self-sufficiency among women has led to a decrease in tolerance levels, which she believes results in a lack of compromise within marriages. She argued that this lack of compromise is a primary reason for the uptick in divorce rates. Sadia suggested that financial independence often leads to an inflated sense of self, making it difficult for marriages to thrive.

The actor-model furthered on, “You develop certain expectations when you’re independent and earning. You find a sense of security when you become self-sufficient, which is a good thing, but it can get to your head. When women earn more than men, their expectations increase. Thank God I have not changed like this.”

Sadia expressed concern over the changing dynamics within marriages, stressing the importance of balance and the willingness to compromise for the longevity of a marital relationship. Her comments have sparked a broader conversation about the balance between traditional values and modern independence in Pakistani society.

Earlier, Sadia became the centre of controversy involving her mother and veteran actor Saba Faisal’s remarks extolling the importance of having sons. Saba, known for her outspoken views on social issues, ignited the discussion when she asserted that having sons brings a sense of relief and security for women, even when they are not physically present.

“My younger sister used to say ‘Thank God, I don’t have sons’ because raising boys has its own troubles. She would say this often and we would remain silent. Then my brother-in-law passed away,” Saba recounted while appearing as a guest on a morning show. “One of her daughters is studying in Turkey, the other is in Australia. She’s all alone now.”

Sharing her family’s ordeal, the veteran actor stressed how she received a call from her sister crying about her car breaking down and how the bout of depression was brought on by being alone. “She said she was depressed. Why? Because sons are always with you. Even when they are not with you, there is a sense of security that they are there for you,” Saba contended.

However, her remarks faced swift condemnation from fellow actor Hira Khan, who took to her Instagram Story to express her disapproval. Khan labeled Faisal's statement as audacious and foolish, sparking a public exchange between the two actors. “Stunned by the audacity and stupidity,” the Mere Humsafar actor declared.

In a subsequent post, Saba's daughter, Sadia Faisal, defended her mother and called out Khan for her disrespectful remarks towards a senior artist. “Everyone has a right to speak whatever he/she wants! And I’m stunned by your words! Have some respect for senior artists in your own industry. Thank you,” Sadia penned.

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