Outrage erupts over death of Indian migrant in Italy who was 'abandoned' after work accident

Farm owner being investigated for potential manslaughter; trade union, Indian community to hold protests in Latina

News Desk June 22, 2024
File Photo of Indian farmer Satnam Singh (late). — X/@davidefaraone/File

The death of 31-year-old Indian farm worker, Satnam Singh, in Italy has sparked outrage among the local Indian community and trade unions

Satnam Singh was working at a farm near Latina, southeast of Rome, when he lost his right arm in a plastic wrapping machine accident.

He was then loaded into a van and reportedly abandoned near his home, with his severed arm left in a vegetable collection box.
Singh died on Wednesday at San Camillo hospital in Rome, sparking outrage and calls for a demonstration on Saturday in Latina.
Trade unions and the Indian community are organising protests in the coming days, demanding dignity and respect for workers and condemning Italy's gang-mastering system.

An investigation has been launched into farm owner Antonello Lovato, who is facing potential charges of manslaughter and failure to assist a person in danger.

Addressing the allegations that Singh was abandoned without any calls to an ambulance, the Lovato family's lawyer, Valerio Righi, suggested that the proceedings would reveal that help might have been called sooner than people think.

The farm owner's father, Renzo Lovato, expressed sadness over the incident, saying, "A man died at work and it should never happen."

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni condemned Singh's death, saying, "These are inhumane acts that do not belong to the Italian people, and I hope this barbarism will be harshly punished."

Labour Minister Marina Elvira Calderone has also spoken out, calling for harsh punishments against work exploitation and labelling the incident an "inhuman act of barbarism".

Several trade unions have organized a demonstration for Saturday in Latina, calling for a two-hour strike to demand dignity and respect for workers and to combat worker exploitation and inhuman conditions.

The Indian community of Latina will also protest on June 25 in memory of Singh and will deliver an open letter to Latina prefect Maurizio Falco, calling for action and denunciation of the incident.


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