Meaty treats add to Eid festivities

Women commended for rolling out family feasts, many hit the food streets

Our Correspondent June 20, 2024
Overflowing canals become Eid refuges, with people seeking relief from the heat amidst lively snack vendors. PHOTO: Express


During three days of Eidul Azha, celebrations continued with a variety of delicious dishes. Women cooked various meals upon the requests of men and children.

The womenfolk held the fort in their kitchen; rolling out dishes for in-laws as well as their parents and siblings coming for Eid get together.

The festival lacks its true colours without these culinary delights, which is why everyone sets aside grievances and joins in Eid festivities.

On the second day of Eidul Azha, festive meals adorned the tables, adding to the joy of the gatherings. The air was filled with the aroma of savoury cuisines and spicy food including Payas and Biryani, complemented by sweet treats that enhanced the festive atmosphere. Men and children also eagerly presented lists of their favourite dishes to the women.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, women shared that Eid provides a chance to spread happiness among loved ones. During the festival, daily routines are set aside, and gatherings are organized to celebrate. Women put sincere effort into preparing these feasts with love, despite the fatigue involved. However, the exhaustion dissipates when everyone gathers, shares moments, takes pictures together, and commemorates Eid.

The delight of children dressed in colourful Eid attire was evident. Young people rejuvenated themselves by meeting friends. Children and youth mentioned ongoing invitations, with plans for upcoming barbecue parties. Elders in the household also blessed the children with heartfelt prayers during Eid celebrations.

Make my 'qeema'

During the three days of Eidul Azha, there was a rush of women at butcher shops to get meat minced from machines. Though its common to hear customers say, 'make my qeema' it literally means turn me into minced meat.

Many people have set up temporary meat grinding machines in neighbourhoods around the city to make a quick buck, churning out minced meat for a fee. Butchers were charging Rs70 to Rs100 per kilogramme for grinding meat. Butchers said that they were charging more due to rise in electricity tariff; otherwise they charged Rs50 per kg till last year.

Meanwhile, women told The Express Tribune that their children and men at home were demanding chapli kebabs, dum qima, and nargisi koftas, and for that they have to get meat minced from shops or stalls.

Hit the food street

A large number of citizens visited breakfast points on three days of Eid. While most preferred to pack breakfast and eat at home, some citizens preferred to dine out in the open with friends due to cloudy weather.On the occasion of Eidul Azha, there was a rush of people at the food streets for culinary delight. Citizens were simply enamoured with the tasty hot halwa puri, so some preferred to package the breakfast and take it home.

The smell of hot halwa puri and spicy potato bhaji attracted the people. Customers said they were sharing the joy of Eid with their friends by eating halwa puri. Citizens also said that on the occasion of Eid, women organized feasts at home, due to which they are feeling tired, so they will take breakfast parcels home.

Many barbeque outlets were offering services of "your meat, our taste." People would leave meat with the BBQ shop and the cooks would marinate and prepare kebabs and tikkas for the party later in the night.


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