Bethesda responds to backlash over controversial $7 ‘Starfield’ mission

Bethesda's Todd Howard addressed players' dissatisfaction over a $7 'Starfield' mission.

Pop Culture & Art June 18, 2024

Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard addressed players' dissatisfaction over a $7 single mission for 'Starfield,' promising to reconsider future content delivery methods. 

The mission, part of Starfield's new Creations program, allows players to join the Trackers Alliance faction as bounty hunters. However, the second Trackers Alliance mission, "The Vulture," released as a paid add-on costing 700 Starfield Creation Credits (equivalent to $7), drew negative reactions. 

Players need to purchase at least $10 worth of credits to access the content, sparking memories of Bethesda's controversial Skyrim paid mods in 2015 and the Oblivion Horse Armor DLC in 2006.

Howard explained in an interview with MrMattyPlays that the intention behind "The Vulture" was to provide a more immersive experience by including a quest with the Trackers Alliance outfit and weapon, rather than just adding new cosmetics. 

Howard stated, "We're always trying to be kind of looking at what else is out there, really make sure we're giving value to everybody. And where we're not, hey, you know, we definitely will adjust." However, players felt the mission was overpriced and that Bethesda was fragmenting content for profit. "That's not what we want at all," Howard admitted.

The backlash has been reflected in Starfield's Steam reviews, which have dropped to "mostly negative" over the past 30 days due to the paid mission and overall disappointment with the game. Howard emphasised the importance of enabling content creators to monetize their work, which he believes is crucial for the community's longevity.

Despite the criticism, Howard highlighted that the Creation Kit's release has led to a plethora of free Starfield mods. He also noted that, despite complaints, the mission has seen over 1.2 million plays across PC and Xbox, ranking among the top 10 most popular of the more than 600 Starfield Creations. 



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