Eid preparations: a blend of tradition and modernity

Women shoulder extra duties as families prepare for festivities

Ayesha Saghir June 17, 2024
Children delight in the company of a sacrificial animal in Islamabad on the eve of Eidul Azha. PHOTO: ZAFAR RAJA/EXPRESS


As Eidul Azha approaches, both men and women are busy preparing for the festivities.

Traditionally, men focus on purchasing the best sacrificial animals, while women are engaged in preparing themselves and their children for the occasion and planning festive dishes.

Despite the increasing responsibilities women face on every occasion, they carry an additional burden during Eidul Azha.

The Express Tribune spoke to Fouzia Zulfiqar, a resident of Iqbal Town in Lahore, who shared her experience. She mentioned that her husband had bought a goat for the sacrifice, and she was now responsible for its care until Eid.

"We start preparing for Eidul Azha right after Eid, getting clothes stitched for the children and ourselves to avoid the hassle of markets and tailors. However, we leave tasks like getting bangles, henna and jewellery until the night before Eid, as it has its own charm and the joy of Eid is incomplete without these things," she said.

Similarly, Huma Azam, a resident of DHA, Lahore, told The Express Tribune that her family, living in Dubai for some time, specifically returned to Pakistan for Eid al-Azha. "Eid is a joyous occasion celebrated with loved ones. Our family prefers to perform the important religious duty of sacrifice in our own country. We have already had our children's clothes stitched and will buy the sacrificial animal a day before Eid.

Bangles and henna will be taken care of on the night before Eid," she added. Despite the intense heat, her family is excited to celebrate Eid in Pakistan.

Ghulam Fatima, a resident of Johar Town, expressed a different concern. She emphasized the importance of safely delivering meat to deserving people during Eid preparations.

"According to the meteorological department's forecast, Lahore will experience a heat wave for the next week, making it essential to distribute meat on time to avoid spoilage," she said.

Fatima disagreed with the notion that preparations for Eidul Azha are more extensive than those for Eidul Fitr, stating that both Eids require equal preparations.

"Just as we buy clothes, jewellery, and other items for Eidul Fitr, we do the same for Eidul Azha. The only additional tasks during Eidul Azha are buying animals, taking care of them, sacrificing them, and distributing meat, which we do with pleasure," she explained.

Overall, the preparations for Eidul Azha reflect a blend of tradition and modernity, with families going to great lengths to ensure a joyful and meaningful celebration.


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