Stevie Nicks fans react to postponed concert at Hersheypark Stadium

Stevie Nicks' Hersheypark concert postponed due to band illness, leaving fans frustrated and expressing well-wishes

Pop Culture & Art June 16, 2024

On June 15, fans of Stevie Nicks were making their way through the traffic of Hersheypark Drive to attend her concert at Hersheypark Stadium. However, around 6 p.m., an announcement was made that the show had been postponed due to illness within the band. The announcement was shared on the Hersheypark Stadium Facebook page and the Hershey Entertainment website.

“Regrettably, due to illness in the band, tonight’s performance is being postponed,” the Facebook post read. “Please hold on to your tickets. A new date will be announced soon.”

Fans expressed their frustrations in the comments section of the Facebook post. One fan commented, “Super cool that I spent $600 and drove 2 hours for them to cancel/postpone and find out 30 min before the show as I’m trying to find parking.” Another shared, “Drove 8 hours for this show and see it as we are pulling in. What a waste.”

Other comments reflected similar disappointments, detailing expenses for hotel rooms and the long distances traveled, only to find out about the postponement upon arrival.

Despite the frustrations, many fans also expressed understanding and support for the band's decision. One comment noted, “I understand people being frustrated, especially those that traveled far and paid for rooms and all. But, you can’t plan when someone has a heart attack, or a stroke or some major medical emergency. I don’t know the specifics, of course, but Stevie is a consummate professional who wouldn’t do this on a whim.”

Another fan added, “The reality of it is…those of us that had tickets are entitled to frustration and disappointment. It isn’t anyone's fault, but again - WE ARE ALLOWED to be upset. Yes, everyone gets sick. We all get that. Let people vent.”

In response to the comments, Hersheypark Stadium assured fans that the update was shared immediately after the tour made the decision to postpone the show. “We understand your disappointment,” read a comment from the Hersheypark Stadium page.

Many fans also took the opportunity to wish the band members well. Comments included, “Wishing whoever is sick a speedy recovery,” and, “The only logical explanation I’ve managed to think of is that something VERY SUDDEN and VERY SERIOUS happened to this band member... While disappointed I really hope they are okay!”

Another concerned fan remarked, “Really hoping Stevie is not ill. She is elderly and this is a strenuous tour…just sayin. Major inconvenience but someone must have had a serious issue.”


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