Laz Alonsa slims down for The Boys Season 4: fans shocked by dramatic transformation

The ‘Mother's Milk’ actor shed pounds and shaved his signature beard, leaving viewers confused.

Pop Culture & Art June 14, 2024
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The Boys fans are in for a double dose of surprise when Season 4 drops this week.

Not only will Laz Alonso be back as Mother's Milk, but he'll be sporting a noticeably slimmer physique and a clean-shaven face. The dramatic transformation has even led some to believe the character was recast!

Alonso's weight loss journey wasn't a secret. The actor himself addressed it on Instagram after a fan commented on his slimmer frame.

Courtesy: theboystv on Instagram

In a lighthearted response, Alonso admitted to indulging in "too much pizza" and needing to "trim down." However, his approach to weight loss goes beyond cutting back on cheesy slices.

The Boys star revealed he took a DNA test to personalize his nutrition plan. "The DNA test...revolutionized the way I look at supplementation and being healthy," Alonso explained.

He now focuses on giving his body exactly what it needs, eliminating unnecessary stress from filtering out irrelevant nutrients.

This dedication to health aligns with Alonso's long-held desire to regain his youthful physique. Back in 2017, he shared a Facebook post celebrating progress with a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, aiming to recapture his "20s waist."

But the weight loss isn't the only change fans noticed. Mother's Milk's signature facial hair is missing in Season 4. The actor's clean-shaven look sparked a playful debate on social media.

While some fans joked about needing the goatee back or experiencing "Mother's milk deficiency" without the facial hair, others simply complimented Alonso's new look.

Whether you love the new clean-cut Mother's Milk or miss the classic bearded version, one thing's for sure: Season 4 of The Boys promises to be exciting, with Laz Alonso returning in a transformed role. Catch the first three episodes on June 13th, followed by weekly releases every Thursday until July 18th.


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