I have a problem when Behroze Sabzwari talks about other women: Nadia Khan

Talk show host broke down why the veteran actor’s recent statements about women are problematic

Entertainment Desk June 14, 2024

Nadia Khan has hit her limit with Behroze Sabzwari's knack for making "controversial" comments in interviews. On a recent podcast, the popular host didn't hold back, calling out the veteran actor for his controversial remarks, especially those targeting women.

The podcast took a spicy turn when the host brought up Sabzwari's latest bombshell comments about former Prime Minister Imran Khan in an FHM interview. The remarks set social media ablaze and ruffled quite a few feathers, including those of fellow actor Hina Khwaja Bayat. Nadia, never one to mince words, had her say: “He’s spilling his own secrets, as well as other people’s.”

Joining her on the show were Marina Khan and Rubina Ashraf. When asked to chime in, Ashraf threw Sabzwari a lifeline. “A lot of the times, interviews steer in a direction where the person talking gets too comfortable. As actors, we’ve all been there. So, if you see that happening, I believe you should let it go.”

Nadia, however, wasn't buying it. She drew a clear line between self-disclosure and gossiping about others—especially fellow celebrities. “I have a problem when Behroze Sabzwari talks about other women. In another podcast recently, he spoke about his ex-daughter-in-law [Syra Yousuf], which people objected to. Sometimes he talks about me, other times he talks about other women,” she pointed out.

Nadia, clearly unimpressed, added, “He also keeps an eye on what women are wearing and how tight or loose it is. That really infuriates me. You want to talk? Talk about yourself. I really liked what Hina Khwaja Bayat said about him.”

Last September, Sabzwari took to Subh Ka Samaa and dragged Nadia into a heated discussion about Pakistani films and dramas. Warning others not to criticise hardworking actors, he said, “There’s a woman, Nadia Khan, she’s spent six to seven years doing a morning show on one channel and on every episode, she’s insulted her guests. You’re badmouthing your industry and the channels that are giving you work.”

And that's not all. Sabzwari has a history of playing fashion police and passing judgmental remarks about women in the industry. On a podcast with host Nadir Ali, he moaned, “Vulgarity is becoming a norm in Pakistani dramas,” and advised female actors to dress more “appropriately” onscreen. “Some women wear inappropriate clothes, very see-through and tight. I believe that is wrong. Our showbiz is packed with highly educated and knowledgeable actors. They are quite aware of how men think so, they should take care of what they are wearing.”

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