Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck put $60 million home on the market amid divorce rumors

Lopez and Affleck are expected to face a financial setback of “millions of dollars” from the sale...

Pop Culture & Art June 09, 2024
Courtesy: AFP

Reports suggest that Jennifer Lopez and her spouse, Ben Affleck, are selling their Beverly Hills, California, marital residence worth $60 million, amidst their impending divorce.

On June 8, several sources informed TMZ that the couple has enlisted realtor Santiago Arana from The Agency to handle the sale of the home they jointly acquired last May.

Reportedly, Arana has been showcasing the home for approximately two weeks, but as of now, there have been no potential buyers.

The publication also stated that the "Gigli" co-stars are seeking a price of “around $65 million” for the mansion.

According to TMZ, Lopez and Affleck are expected to face a financial setback of “millions of dollars” from the sale due to factors such as the broker's commission, a new tax on high-value properties, and substantial investments made in property enhancements.

Lopez, aged 54, and Affleck, aged 51, acquired the 43,000-square-foot residence for $60.85 million in cash in May 2023. This purchase occurred ten months after they exchanged vows in Las Vegas.

The recently constructed expansive residence boasts 17 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, and parking space for 80 vehicles.

Reportedly, Affleck has been residing in a different residence from his wife, and she was recently observed house hunting with a friend.

He was also recently seen without his wedding ring, adding to the ongoing speculation.

A source informed Us Weekly last month that Lopez and Affleck are now “on two completely different pages” since their honeymoon phase has ended.

Neither Lopez nor Affleck have addressed the rumors of their separation publicly, and they have maintained a unified appearance.


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