‘Imran Khan to walk free from jail soon’

Intezar Panjutha says ex-PM enduring incarceration for the nation's sake, will regain freedom without any deal

​ Our Correspondents June 04, 2024


PTI’s lawyer Intezar Panjutha has predicted that the party's founding chairman, Imran Khan, will be acquitted in all cases and will walk free without cutting any deal for freedom. 

The former prime minister is enduring jail time for the nation’s cause, adamantly refusing to make any deal against his principles, Panjutha said while speaking to the media after the legal eagles and the family met the incarcerated leader at Adiala Jail on Tuesday.

The meeting came as the winds of change blew in PTI's direction, following a relief from the Islamabad High Court that found Khan and his close aide, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, free from guilt in the cipher case, offering a beacon of hope amid their legal storm.

Following the visit to Adiala Jail, Panjutha relayed to journalists that Imran was briefed on the court's decision regarding the cipher case by Barrister Salman Safdar, the counsel representing both PTI leaders.

Commenting on Imran’s controversial remarks regarding the 1971 tragic events, Panjutha said the former premier’s critique of the handling of the 1971 events was according to the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. He said that the report noted that only one individual "showed incompetence" during the war while the rest of the army fought well. 

He said that Imran has also raised allegations concerning the assets of Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi and his wife unveiled in the 'Dubai Leaks', questioning his "extravagant" lifestyle as the country's economy struggles to stand on its feet.

Alvi criticises lack of accountability

Former president and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Dr Arif Alvi stated on Tuesday that regime changes have cost the country billions of rupees, with no accountability for those responsible. 

Speaking at a news conference attended by PTI leaders Azam Khan Swati, Pir Syed Muhammad Habib Irfani, Rana Mudassar, Khurram Virk, and Yunus Chishti in Lahore, Alvi expressed his disappointment over the persistent lack of accountability in Pakistan, an issue he claimed has existed since Ayub Khan's era. 

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“The entire elite class is the biggest obstacle in the issue of accountability, and the people also believe that there is no justice in Pakistan," Alvi said, lamenting the corruption and misdeeds that have eroded his hope for accountability. 

Alvi welcomed the Islamabad High Court's (IHC) verdict in the cipher case, expressing gratitude to the judiciary for what he called a just decision. He maintained that the Prime Minister had the prerogative to share confidential matters with the nation, criticising the media for focusing on the cipher and 'iddat' cases to distract from more pressing issues. 

When questioned about negotiations with political rivals, Alvi stressed that talks should only be with the principal authority, noting the futility of recent efforts. “Negotiations have been ongoing through the media for the last two years, with no direct talks taking place. If there is no hope of negotiation, then why should I try?" he remarked. 



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