Medical expert stresses healthy lifestyle

Suggests multi-pronged awareness drives for controlling obesity to avoid diabetes

APP May 30, 2024
Gallup survey shows more people now think that such activities are ‘not important at all’ for health. PHOTO: FILE


A medical expert has suggested multi-pronged awareness drives for controlling obesity to avoid diabetes which was also one of the leading causes of immature deaths, high blood pressure, heart diseases, renal failure and blindness.

Talking to a private news channel, renowned ophthalmologist Dr Nadeem Naeem stressed the need for regular blood screenings, particularly for those above 35 or 40 to enable early detection and preventive measures against diabetes.

He highlighted that more than 30 million Pakistanis were suffering from diabetes which served as a significant precursor to other life-threatening conditions. He said people should focus on their fitness, outdoor activities and daily exercise, adding, “All types of diabetes are equally serious and if not properly controlled can lead to serious complications.”

“Regular screenings and access to healthcare services are of paramount importance not only for detecting diabetes but also for identifying pre-diabetes stages and providing key interventions," he added. He underlined the importance for all members of society to lead healthy lifestyles, including healthy food, physical activity and refraining from smoking.

“Diabetes has become a disease that affects economic development in countries around the world,” he said. Earlier patients diagnosed with diabetes were above 40 years of age, but now they are being diagnosed in their 20s and 30s. This is an alarming situation worldwide, he added.

“The diagnosis of diabetes has a great impact on the patient’s life, both physically and psychologically. Diabetes can affect multiple, therefore, it is important to screen for diabetes even at a younger age,” he mentioned.

“The control of diabetes, and prevention or delay of complications, can be enhanced through equipping patients for self-care and the holistic management of diabetes patients by their regular family doctor,” he said.

Replying to a question, he said, “A balanced diet by definition means regulating portions and including items like brown rice instead of white, limiting sugary items, and incorporating salads, which provide positive energy and aid bodily functions.”


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