Student cleared after house raid drama

Inquiry unveils grave error on part of police for wrongfully targeting pupil

Saleh Mughal May 29, 2024


In a dramatic turn of events, the second-year student, whose house was raided by the police based on the location of a stolen iPhone within the limits of the Morgah police station area of Rawalpindi, turned out to be innocent. The stolen phone was later recovered from another student, prompting questions about police conduct during the initial search.

Despite calls for accountability, the top police officials remained tight-lipped about any disciplinary measures against the involved personnel.

According to the complaint filed with Rawalpindi CPO Khalid Hamdani on May 12, Malik Jameel Awan recounted how Inspector Farhan from Morgah police station, accompanied by four officers in plain clothes and two private individuals, barged into their house without a warrant. Despite repeated inquiries, the officers provided no legal justification for their actions. The intrusion culminated in the harassment of Awan’s daughter, who was interrogated despite having no connection to the stolen phones.

In response to the complaint, the Rawalpindi CPO appointed Potohar Division SP Nasir Nawaz to investigate the incident. Subsequently, Rawalpindi RPO Babar Sarfraz Alpa and SSP Operation Hafiz Kamran Asghar oversaw a thorough investigation, ultimately revealing the innocence of the accused student and the mistaken raid on Awan’s residence.

While the authorities acknowledged potential negligence on the part of local police, they characterised the resolution as amicable. However, the affected family, speaking to The Express Tribune, revealed the extent of their ordeal, detailing alleged police brutality during their wrongful detention. Despite their forgiveness, they emphasised the need for better protocols to prevent similar injustices in the future.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 29th, 2024.


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