Rumours swirl around teen’s death

With suspicions of foul play, probe delves into circumstances surrounding his fatal descent

Iftikhar Chaudhry May 29, 2024
Margalla Hills


After the body of Taha, a 15-year-old student, was found in a deep ditch on the Trail 5 hiking track in the Margalla Hills of the federal capital, the police are looking into the possibility of it being a murder case.

As part of ongoing investigations, police have recorded the statements of Taha's five friends, who had accompanied him on the trek up Trail 5, as well as of the ranger official who was stationed near the trail. The police are currently awaiting the complete post-mortem report in which the real causes of death will be revealed.

Police sources have told The Express Tribune that as part of the investigation, the five friends of Taha have been thoroughly investigated and interrogated for two full days to ascertain any key clues about what may have transpired.

In their police statements, Taha's friends revealed that one of the five friends had also been injured on the day of the incident (May 25), at around half past one. The injured friend was given first aid by Ranger’s personnel who were stationed a short distance away.

While at first, the Ranger’s personnel attempted to bring the injured friend back down the trail, they later decided to lead them higher towards another Ranger’s post that was located uphill, closer to Monal. They then took the injured up to their post and gave him first aid.

Meanwhile, as per their statements, the other friends and Taha decided to continue up the trail towards Monal. They said that they had planned to reach Monal together by hiking up the trail and then taxis back home from the restaurant. At this point, the 15-year-old Taha, allegedly told his friends that he would not go further but would turn around from there to head back home.

This is the point when Taha’s friends claim they had separated as they went upwards while Taha began his descent down the same way he had come up with his friends.

The statements of Taha's five friends were the same. Aside from this, the police have also received the initial post-mortem report of Taha. A senior officer of the Federal Police confirmed in a conversation with The Express Tribune that there were signs of injuries on the head and arms of Taha.

It appeared that when had fallen, he may have sustained injuries by coming into contact with a rock. The police revealed that Taha had no water or any other belongings with him aside from his mobile phone which is in police custody.

According to police sources, depending on the outcome of further investigations, a murder charge may be added to the kidnapping case of 15-year-old Taha already filed in the Secretariat Police Station.

The forensic team is awaiting the complete post-mortem report of Taha. Taha's forensic samples have been sent to Lahore for examination. The cause of death will be revealed when the full report is received.

In the case that the autopsy report, crime scene evidence and other details do not prove the murder, the case will be dismissed.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 29th, 2024.


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