Rapper Saint Levant condemns civilian deaths caused by the Israeli attacks on Rafah, Gaza

Saint Levant shares his outrage on social media after the latest Israeli attacks.

Pop Culture & Art May 27, 2024
Image: The New York Times

Saint Levant, whose real name is Marwan Abdelhamid, is a Palestinian rapper born in Jerusalem, and has been a vocal advocate for Palestine in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which can be seen throughout his social media posts.

He took to social media today to condemn the reported killings that happened due to last night's Israeli attacks on Rafah, Gaza.

According to footage and the posts that were shared on social media by the victims, it was shown that the strikes resulted in multiple fatalities. 

Graphic footage circulating online purports to show the aftermath of the attack, including a father carrying a decapitated baby 

Rapper Saint Levant has expressed outrage at the killings and called for accountability.

The Israeli military attacked rafah even after ensuring it to be a safe zone, but it still was targeted by the IDF which left the victims blindsided and has resulted in reported 55+ people killed, the exact number still remains unknown.


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