Protect minorities: Erica Robin, Mashal Khan condemn Sargodha attack on Christian man

Model and actor spoke up to call for change

Entertainment Desk May 27, 2024

In the wake of a recent tragic incident in Sargodha, where a Christian man was attacked, and his house and factory were set ablaze over blasphemy accusations, prominent figures in Pakistan including Miss Universe Pakistan 2023, Erica Robin, and Pakistani actor, Mashal Khan, have voiced their concerns and called for urgent reforms to protect minority rights.

Robin issued a powerful statement on her Instagram account highlighting the plight of minorities and the need for change. "It's a sad truth that minorities in Pakistan are not treated equally to the majority. If it weren't for the minority votes in 1947, Pakistan wouldn't exist today. Quaid-e-Azam himself acknowledged that it was because of these minorities that Pakistan came into existence. Yet, what is happening in Pakistan is horrendous and has been ongoing for decades."

Robin's statement comes in response to the horrific attack in Sargodha, emphasising that this is not an isolated event. "The recent tragic incident in Sargodha, where an innocent person was killed, highlights the ongoing persecution of minorities. This is not an isolated event; incidents like the Gojra riots, the persecution of Ahmadis, and attacks on Hindu and Christian communities have been occurring for years," she noted.

She also pointed out the misuse of Pakistan's blasphemy laws, which have often been employed to unjustly target minorities. "The blasphemy law in Pakistan has been misused time and again to target minorities unjustly. It's high time for the majority of Pakistanis to raise their voices and demand the removal of the blasphemy law. We, as minorities, are an integral part of this nation and deserve equal respect and protection." Reflecting on the broader implications of these events, Robin expressed a deep love for her country and a fervent desire for progress. "We love our country and are a vital part of it. It’s time for change."

Photo: Erica Robin on Instagram

Photo: Erica Robin on Instagram

Mashal also took to Instagram to condemn the attacks and emphasise the historical contributions of minorities in Pakistan. "I don’t know how many times I'm going to have to post the same thing again and again. Pakistan was built by the minorities, for the minorities. Muslims were a minority in pre-partition India and were subject to religious hate crimes. Doing the same thing now that we have our own country is unacceptable," Mashal stated. The Suno Chanda actor further stated, "Letting these vile, despicable, menaces to society get away with this only gives them more power. Protect the minorities."

Photo: Mashal Khan on Instagram

Photo: Mashal Khan on Instagram

The victim, Nazir Gill, is in a critical condition after police rescued him and brought him to the hospital, where he is fighting for his life. During the attack, the enraged mob stormed Gill’s home and factory, causing extensive property damage and attempting to lynch him. In fear, many Christian residents fled their homes, with some seeking refuge in nearby churches.

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