Bethenny Frankel furious over denied entry to Chanel

Returns in designer attire and gains access.

Pop Culture & Art May 26, 2024

Bethenny Frankel, reality TV personality and entrepreneur, was denied entry to a Chanel store in Chicago on Wednesday.

Frankel stated on Instagram that she was turned away because she wasn't dressed formally and did not have an appointment. She expressed frustration over being "treated like an interloper" due to her attire. ("I have a credit I not allowed to come in?" Frankel said in a video).

Frankel criticized the experience as "elitist and exclusionary" while acknowledging safety concerns. She emphasized that customer service should be "timeless and classic" regardless of socioeconomic background.

In a follow-up video posted on Thursday, Frankel returned to the Chanel store dressed more formally and was promptly allowed entry.



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