From Khirad to Fareedan: 5 of the most emotionally satisfying character arcs on screen

These characters went through some of the worst things imaginable and came out stronger, winning our hearts

Entertainment Desk May 24, 2024

In the ever-expanding world of television and film, few elements resonate with audiences as powerfully as a character's journey. While some characters meander through predictable plots, others experience arcs so satisfying that they leave an indelible mark on viewers' hearts. These transformations, often fraught with trials, create a profound connection, making their eventual resolutions deeply gratifying. From unexpected redemption stories to hard-fought personal victories, the most satisfying character arcs elevate storytelling to an art form.

Here are five characters whose arcs captivated audiences and left us cheering for their hard-earned conclusions:

Geet in Jab We Met


Geet undergoes a transformative arc in from a free-spirited, bubbly girl to a woman confronting heartache and self-discovery, both sides to her character were warmly embraced. Initially driven by impulsive love, she faces betrayal, ultimately rediscovering her strength and joy. Her journey from vulnerability to empowerment makes her arc deeply satisfying and resonant with audiences.

Khirad in Humsafar 


Similar to Geet’s, Khirad's character arc in Humsafar is a journey of resilience and transformation. Initially portrayed as a simple and innocent woman, she faces extreme hardships in life after being thrown out of the house by her mother-in-law in the middle of the night while pregnant. Despite the adversities, Khirad's strength and dignity shine through, leading to her eventual empowerment and self-discovery through the love of her daughter, making her one of the most compelling and beloved characters in any Pakistani drama. 

Ganga Ram Chaudhary in Dasvi


Ganga Ram Chaudhary's character in Dasvi is a captivating tale of redemption and growth. Starting as a corrupt politician who ends up in prison, he embarks on a transformative journey by deciding to pursue education. Through dedication and determination, he evolves from an arrogant leader to a humbled, educated man, showcasing the power of learning and personal change.

Parizaad in Parizaad


Parizaad's character arc is a profound tale of self-discovery and commitment. Starting as a misunderstood and under appreciated young man, Parizaad faces societal prejudice and personal trials. His journey through hardship and self-doubt leads him to find inner strength and purpose, ultimately transforming him into a figure of wisdom and compassion, captivating audiences with his poignant evolution.

Fareedan in Heeramandi


Fareedan's character arc unfolds as she transitions from a naive and vulnerable woman to a powerful and influential figure within the brothel. Her journey of self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment highlights her ability to navigate the complexities of her world and assert her autonomy and dignity.

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