I was, and still am, incredibly shy: Humayun Saeed

The renowned actor candidly talks about his marriage and the future of the showbiz world

Entertainment Desk May 23, 2024

Ever since embracing his television comeback with Gentleman after a three-year hiatus, Humayun Saeed has found himself in demand yet again. Sitting down for a quickfire interview with Nashpati Prime on their YouTube channel, the Mere Paas Tum Ho star gave the lowdown on his rock-solid marriage to his wife Samina, the arc of his acting career, and whether he would ever be tempted by the fame and fortune of Bollywood.

In a revelation that would raise an eyebrow in fans who have faithfully followed his on-screen trajectory from Ab Tum Le Saktay Ho to The Crown, Humayun remarked in his understated baritone, “I used to be very shy. I still am, you know. I’m better now, but still shy.” Reminiscing about his youth and the first girl who ever broke his heart, Humayun recalled, “She took me out of my shell. I taught her to drive. It was a completely different energy back then.”

On love, marriage, and social media

Committed as ever to Samina today, Humayun was adamant that there is only one woman in his life now. Happy in his almost thirty-year steadfast relationship, the actor joked, “It isn’t practical to have any adventures anymore – I’m too scared of my wife!”

Lack of adventure aside, Humayun drew from the success of his own marriage and advised that the core of any successful relationship centred around offering praise and acceptance. “My worst fear is to upset or lose the people I love,” he admitted. “And I think that if you want to maintain love, you need to praise who you are with. Give them time. Look after them. Overlook their mistakes and love them for all their faults.”

Humayun’s marriage may be rock-solid, but that has never made him immune to rumours of infidelity. “You hear all these baseless rumours about me being married to all these different actors, like Meera or Mishi Khan – none of them are true,” he cautioned. “I’m married to just one woman, and that is Samina!”

The star added that he and Samina would have loved to have children, but parenthood was a milestone that has eluded them both. “I love all kids, but it hasn’t happened for us. It is Allah’s will," he said. 

Giving the air of a man wearing his marriage comfortably like a second skin, Humayun spoke matter-of-factly about his life with Samina. “She never liked having her photo taken, but every now and then she’ll put up a selfie,” he mused when reflecting on the pros and cons of social media. “I do think social media has taken over our lives, but I also think it can be a great thing, to have that validation from people sometimes when someone likes your picture. It makes people happy.”

Social media may give people a mood boost, but Humayun cautioned how the tangled web of any rumour – nearly always originated on social media - can ensnare the most innocent of parties. “When I was younger, being the subject of a rumour or scandal never bothered me,” he noted. “I used to say that it doesn’t matter. But now I can see that the lies that are spread on social media have a huge impact on your family. People read whatever they believe on social media, but my family doesn’t deserve to be caught up in their lies!”

The showbiz world

The well-being of his family is something Humayun is very conscious of, but it was something Humayun was forced to ignore the moment he realised he wanted to be an actor. Determined to pursue his passion for showbiz, Humayun took on a role in his first play, but hid it from his family. Never expecting anything to come from it, Humayun was gobsmacked at the praise he received in its wake.

“I was working in a garment factory at the time, but when people started responding to my play, I couldn’t believe it,” he recalled. “I couldn’t believe anyone would ever respond to me as an actor.”

Coasting on a high, Humayun knew then that this was what he wanted to do full-time. Although his interests veered towards film at the beginning, he soon realised that the market for television dramas in Pakistan was far bigger. “It was the case back then, and it still is now,” said Humayun. “From the beginning, I wanted to be a producer, and once I started having acting roles, production opportunities also opened up for me.”

Singling out actors Nadia Jamil and Sania Saeed, Humayun noted that he wouldn’t come as far as he has without their crucial help in the infancy of his career. “These woman worked with me at the beginning,” he said. “Them, and Mehreen Jabbar – and of course Samina – are the reason I am here today.”

Today, Humayun is in a position where the upcoming generation of actors stands in awe of him on set – but he is careful to navigate their scenes without any hint of intimidation. “I am friendly with all of my younger co-stars,” he said. “I’ve worked with many young stars, and it’s important to make them comfortable, be their friend, and look out for them.”

Newer actors are often accused of swiftly becoming big-headed, but Humayun views their showbiz journey through a more forgiving lens. “We don’t have a system where you can audition or train actors,” he explained. “So when a producer sees someone’s potential, they pounce, and then those actors get a lot of calls. The workload is higher today than it was before. It leads them [actors] to believe they are a superstar. It’s okay.”

Humayun himself may be a bonafide superstar of Pakistan television, but he added that he had never been tempted by the promises of Bollywood. “To be honest, I’ve never had a big offer from there, but I’ve also never been interested. I want to keep my career in Pakistan.”

With his commanding presence on set helping the upcoming talent blossom out of their shells, it is clear that Humayun is here to stay.

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