Vawda refuses to relent

Vawda challenges judge, demands evidence for being called 'proxy'

News Desk May 21, 2024
Former federal minister Faisal Vawda. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE


Ramping up his defence amid legal woes, Senator Faisal Vawda on Monday claimed he was being dragged through the mud with contempt notices while the others who are blatantly guilty of contempt were getting off scot-free simply because they are popular.

In an interview with a private TV channel, Vawda said that the "mother of all contempts" occurred on May 9 when the martyrs of the nation were dishonoured. He criticised the apparent leniency towards those, including PTI, who have openly shown contempt of court, suggesting a double standard in the application of justice.

"I did not even point to anyone in particular, did not address anyone, yet I was served with contempt of court notice," he said.

Vawda referred to a Supreme Court judge's comments accusing him of being a proxy. "No sitting judge in the history of the world has ever hurled such accusations," he asserted.

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He claimed his actions have provided the Pakistani nation with a narrative unlike any other, by the grace of Allah.

Commenting on his calls for judicial reforms, the senator said he has lit a fire under the demand for swift and fair justice.

"I am pushing for judicial reforms so that people entangled in issues such as employment and land disputes get the justice they deserve."

Challenging the judge, Vawda demanded, "If you call me a proxy, show me the evidence...  If 240 million Pakistanis are clamouring for reforms, why not summon them all to the court?"


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