Khosa appreciates media role, offers legal support

Khosa announceS PTI will provide free legal representation to media personnel facing legal challenges

Our Correspondent May 21, 2024
Sardar Latif Khosa. PHOTO: FILE


The media's role is crucial, and we condemn all kinds of violence against journalists," said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) senior leader and veteran lawyer, Sardar Latif Khosa.

Khosa announced that PTI would provide free legal representation to media personnel facing legal challenges.

In a press conference on Monday at Insaf House, Khosa invited all political parties to join his party against the current government. He said that baseless cases were lodged against PTI's chairman, indicating another false case was being prepared. He urged adherence to constitutional principles for Pakistan's progress.

Khosa, along with PTI Sindh Chapter's president Haleem Adil Sheikh and Karachi's leaders, said that a request for a Karachi rally had been filed in the Sindh High Court, with plans to participate fully.

He remarked that while past movements aimed at forming or toppling governments, their current focus is different. Khosa criticized those who betrayed Imran Khan, asserting that they could no longer show their faces, and noted the public's demonstration of change on February 8.

Khosa reiterated his lifelong commitment to fighting for constitutional rights and justice, likening the current struggle to a battle between good and evil, which motivated his support for Imran Khan. He highlighted the wrongful arrest of Khan on May 9, which incited public outrage. He defended Khan's integrity, stating that the Toshakhana case was wrongly adjudicated and is now suspended, along with another case involving gifted jewelry, which was also dismissed.

Regarding the Al-Qadir Trust case, Khosa claimed that Khan's involvement was unfounded. He also dismissed the Cypher case, drawing a parallel to a similar incident during Bhutto's era. Khosa expressed confidence that the current legal issues facing Khan would be resolved soon, including the case related to his marriage and period of iddat.

He criticized the misuse of power and called for accountability for those responsible. Emphasizing national pride in the armed forces, Khosa condemned their involvement in political affairs, stating that they should refrain from political press conferences.

Khosa accused Nawaz Sharif of orchestrating a 'London plan' to topple Khan's government and ensure PTI's demise, alleging that the public responded strongly on election day. He called for the return of PTI's seats, stating that without political stability, economic stability cannot be achieved, and that the country's progress hinges on Imran Khan.

Sheikh expressed the view that PTI was the only party capable of addressing the nation's issues. He criticized corrupt politicians and emphasized the need for rule of law and political stability for national progress.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 21st, 2024.



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