Achakzai urges military to respect Constitution

TTAP chief warns deviation from Constitution fuels country’s problems

Our Correspondent May 20, 2024


Tehreek Tahafuz Ayeen-i-Pakistan (TTAP) President Mahmood Khan Achakzai expressed on Monday his desire for the Pakistan Army to become one of the world's best, while emphasizing that it should operate within constitutional limits like other militaries worldwide.

Speaking at a ceremony in Islamabad, Achakzai highlighted that his calls for adherence to the Constitution were often misinterpreted by some institutions as opposition. He stressed that Pakistan's multitude of problems stemmed from deviations from constitutional principles.

“When we talk about the Constitution, some institutions think we are against them,” Achakzai remarked. “We believe the country cannot function without intelligence agencies, and we want our military to be among the best in the world, but they must stay within their limits.”

The TTAP chief voiced concerns over the country's deteriorating conditions and warned that if those responsible for the nation's decline were not stopped, Pakistan would face existential threats. “This country was not created to hurl abuses at our own mothers and sisters,” he asserted.

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Achakzai pointed out that Pakistan was endowed with every blessing mentioned in the Quran, yet its people were suffering from hunger. He attributed this to the nation's failure to adhere to the Constitution and lamented the pervasive elitism in Pakistani society.

“Today, our situation is so dire that if a wealthy person claims someone’s wife to be his, courts might rule in his [rich man’s] favour, with people even giving false testimony for him,” he lamented, while commenting on the judiciary and its vulnerability to pressure.

He advocated for a respectful discourse and electoral integrity. “Nawaz Sharif used to say ‘honour the vote,’ and we echo that sentiment. All the people are equal; we must eliminate the divide between rich and poor and empower elected parliament,” he said.

The senior politician said that if the Constitution was trampled again, all politicians must declare that they would take to the streets. “We all should ensure the protection of Pakistan’s Constitution at all costs,” he asserted.

He also highlighted the use of money in the elections. “Each vote was sold for Rs600 to 700 million in the Senate election,” he said. Achakzai also called for empowering women of the country, saying that women should be given their rights, according to the Quranic injunctions.


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