40 suspect target killers arrested, 2 escape to Balochistan

Malik says Mirza should back all allegations against him with evidence and provide it to Supreme Court.

Express September 06, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that 40 target killers were arrested during the ongoing operation in Karachi on Tuesday.

He was talking to the media after attending the Defence Day ceremony in Islamabad.

Malik said two extortionists were also arrested from Lyari, while a few had managed to escape to Balochistan.

Referring to Zulfikar Mirza's statement accusing him of releasing 25 target killers, Malik said anyone having related evidence should provide it to the Supreme Court.

Answering a question regarding the charges leveled by Zulfikar Mirza and PPP leader Lashkari Raisaini, against him, Malik said he had no intentions to be involved in the blame game.

The Interior Minister cautioned the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) not to indulge in anti-Pakistan activities, warning them of strict action.

Rehman Malik glum on resolving Balochistan issue: MNA Kurd

Member of the National Assembly (MNA) Meer Hamayun Kurd said a nationalist movement does not exist in Balochistan and it is just limited to media reports.

Talking to media, the MNA said the Baloch nationalist movement is being played up to create divisions in the country accusing Interior Minister Rehman Malik of splitting the nation on ethnic lines and urged that Zulfiqar Mirza's accusations should be followed up with a cogent investigation.

Kurd also pointed out that although the Interior Minister has talked about the nationalist movement, he has failed to furnish any evidence.

He also said that in his personal interaction with Malik, he has found the Interior Minister to have a glum attitude towards resolving Balochistan's issues.