Chris Hemsworth defends Marvel from co-star’s criticism

Many Hollywood actors have spoken about not enjoying doing superhero films in the past.

Pop Culture & Art May 15, 2024
Courtesy: Reuters

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has defended the Marvel franchise against criticism from other actors and directors. 

“It’s, like, ‘They’re films that are successful — put me in one. Oh, mine didn’t work? I’ll bash them,’” the Thor star told The Times of London in an interview. 

The Furiosa star continued, “Look, I grew up on a soap opera. And it used to bother me when actors would later talk about the show with guilt or shame. Humility goes a long way.”

Hemsworth did not take any specific names but some actors including his Marvel co-stars have spoken about not enjoying doing superhero films in the past. 

Christian Bale, Hemsworth’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” co-star, has said, “You’ve got good people. You’ve got other actors who are far more experienced at it than me. Can you differentiate one day from the next? No. Absolutely not,” 

“You have no idea what to do. I couldn’t even differentiate one stage from the next,” the Batman actor continued. 

Hemsworth also pointed out his disappointment towards the opinion shared by Hollywood bigwigs Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. 

Scorsese has said that Marvel movies are “not cinema” while Coppola has described them as “despicable.”

“It felt harsh, and it bothers me, especially from the heroes,” said the Extraction star.

“It was an eye-roll for me, people bashing the superhero space. Those guys had films that didn’t work too — we all have. When they talked about what was wrong with superheroes, I thought, ‘Cool, tell that to the billions who watch them. Were they all wrong?’” added the actor. 



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