4 easy, reliable ways to beat the summer heat

There are ways to keep cool that don’t involve frittering your hard-earned money away

Entertainment Desk May 07, 2024

As Pakistan bakes in the summer heat, it can be all too tempting to keep that AC cranked on until November and live in the shower until the water runs out. The only thing stopping you is the sad knowledge that you are not a billionaire. But don’t worry! There are still ways to beat the heat - yes, even those that don't relentlessly empty your wallets.

1. Be sun-smart

The unforgiving summer sun spares no one. Lather on that high-factor sunscreen. Buy a large pair of sunglasses to avoid pounding sun-induced headaches. If you are a university student and have trek forever to reach your bus stop, add a hat to your attire with zero shame. Wear closed shoes, unless you enjoy the pattern of your sandals branded into your skin. The only burn you'll feel will be the jeers of your deluded peers, who may mercilessly mock your sun-protected look but will also turn lobster-red far quicker than you.

2. Stay hydrated

There are more ways to stay hydrated than endless cups of tea and a lone bottle of water in the fridge that no one remembers to fill up. Make some space in your freezer for at least two 500ml water bottles to grab when you’re out and about. Your ice will have melted before you return home, but at least you will be secure knowing that your water won’t be hot enough to make tea when you chug it down.

Remember to keep a jug of lemonade filled to the brim with ice in your fridge. The joys of a refreshing glass of lemonade are untold. Run a chopped-up watermelon through the blender and fill an ice-cube tray with it. It makes the perfect cool-me-down snack, leaving ice cream in the dust. And if all you really want is pure unadulterated H2O, make sure there are at least four backup bottles of water in the fridge.

3. Keep the sweat

You may look odd doing it, but keep a spray bottle full of water – the type you use for ironing will do just fine - handy when you are sitting under the fan. Spray a light mist on your face when the heat gets too unbearable. Try to get as much cross ventilation in your home as possible.

Shower first thing in the morning, last thing before bed, and every time you return home from the fiery outdoors. Get a really good roll-on deodorant. When all else fails, wrap a wet dupatta or towel around your head.

4. Simple summer outfits

Ragged old holey T-shirts may be your preferred uniform this season, but for those times you need to step out of the house and are forced to look presentable, invest in simple lawn fabric outfits.

Avoid kurtis with heavy embroidery, which makes outfits more cumbersome to carry in the blazing heat. And don’t bother blow-drying your hair at home until summer is over. It will only get drenched in sweat an hour after you have been out, and your hard work will be – literally – washed away.

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