Vawda raises significant questions on judicial system

Justice Babar Sattar should come clean about charges against him, says former minister

News Desk April 25, 2024



Expressing his gratitude to PPP and MQM-P for their support, Senator Faisal Vawda on Wednesday said he was elected senator as an independent candidate.

“I am pro army and ‘selective pro-judiciary’. [I haven’t] come [to Senate] after begging someone or making a compromise, nor have I had my cases forgiven,” Vawda said while talking to a private TV channel.

The senator maintained that during his contact with former chief justice Umar Ata Bandial, Justice Ayesha Malik and Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, he found all of them humble, despite the fact that all of them were “top most judges”.

“The questions they asked me were fair. It was in response to their this act that I resigned from my Senate seat,” he said.

“Like other shameless people, I did not acquire MNA or Senate seat after leaving Imran Khan or giving statement against him.”

He credited ex-CJP Bandial, Justice Ayesha and Justice Shah for “instilling” in him the “moral values” that led to his resignation from the Senate seat.

Vawda further said he had seen judges who set aside the law on “six v-logs” and invent new laws to serve their own purposes.

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Directing a pun at these judges, he said represent “6 as 9 and 9 as 6”.

“This is still happening and I will criticise [these judges]. I will fight on this issue so that our judiciary ranks number one from 149. Otherwise, given our current pace, we will end up in 209th place,” he said.

The senator said he did not know Islamabad High Court’s Babar Sattar personally but felt that that he was a “better person or judge”as he was “appointed during their government”.

Vawda said he had heard many “negative things” about Justice Sattar within his cabinet.
The senator asserted his belief that when criticism is directed at an individual, there should be a discernible "spark" within them.

Referring to Justice Sattar and other judges on the Lettergate scandal, Vawda questioned why the judges’ conscience remained dormant during the demolition of Nasla Tower.

“When sessions court judge’s wife tortured the daughter of a poor person, the high court should have taken notice of it.”

Vawda said news was circulating on social media that Justice Sattar was running a school chain. “We don’t know if it is true or false. Justice Sattar should come and clear himself.”


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