Ex ‘Good Morning America’ hosts Amy Robach, TJ Holmes discuss marriage after affair got them fired

The couple opened up about potentially getting married and moving in together on their podcast.

Pop Culture & Art April 23, 2024

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, the former 'GMA3' anchors whose affair ignited a media firestorm, are taking their controversial relationship to the next level. 
In their podcast, "Amy & T.J.", the couple revealed discussions about marriage and even moving in together.

Robach admitted feeling a conflict between her desire for a non-traditional relationship (like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell) and the societal pressure for a legal marriage. 
Holmes echoed her sentiment, questioning the need for official documentation to validate their commitment.

Despite their openness about alternative relationship models, the shadow of their tumultuous beginnings looms large. 

Their high-profile affair led to the dissolution of their respective marriages and ultimately cost them their jobs at  "GMA3".

While moving in could be the next step, the couple emphasised that their bond is already strong, fueled by their constant professional collaboration. 

This latest update is sure to further fuel public scrutiny of their relationship dynamic.



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