Notorious drug dealer arrested, confesses to selling Rs5m worth of narcotics daily in Karachi

Suspect Riasat Ali is also accused of financing criminal activities in Lyari

Our Correspondent April 21, 2024


Sindh Police on Sunday apprehended Riasat Ali, also known as Jadgaal, from Karachi’s Lyari, exposing his alleged role as a major narcotics supplier in the port city, Express News reported.

The suspect made startling revelations of daily narcotics transactions amounting to a staggering Rs5 to Rs6 million. The investigation report unveiled Ali's confession of dealing in ice, crystal, hashish, and other illicit substances.

The modus operandi reportedly involved Ali's brother, Abid, who smuggled narcotics from Iran and other countries, while Ali oversees the distribution within Karachi.

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"When I need weapons for defence, to enhance business and to kill rival drug lords, I assigned the task to my front man, Raza," he added. "Raza bought firearms from Wahab Pathan of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and Liaquat is my main seller at the base."

Authorities assert Ali's close ties to Uzair Baloch, a prominent figure in the Lyari Gang War, indicating his involvement in providing shelter to the gang's members. The drug cartel allegedly operated in collaboration with Sardar Majid, Abid alias Khalid, Raza, Liaquat, and Wahab Pathan.

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Furthermore, the report stated that Ali is accused of financing criminal activities, with proceeds from the narcotics trade allegedly used to procure weapons and support various criminal elements in the Lyari area.

Among those named are Jameel Changa, Bilal Puppo, Saleem Chocolaty, and Sajid, associated with a robbery gang operating in Lyari.


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