Muslim K-popstar Daud Kim to build mosque in South Korea

The YouTuber took to Instagram to announce his plans and to appeal for financial assistance

Entertainment Desk April 16, 2024

Taking to Instagram last week on April 11, Muslim K-pop star Daud Kim announced to his followers that he was going to build a mosque on land he had purchased in Incheon, South Korea. Clad in a plain white T-shirt with a black jacket and black baggy pants, the singer posted a picture of himself on an empty plot of land holding a paper contract against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. 

“Finally, with your help, I have signed a contract for land to build a Masjid in Incheon,” captioned Kim. “This place will soon become a mosque. I can‘t believe this day has come...I plan to build a prayer place and an Islamic podcast studio for Da’wah to Koreans.” 


A post shared by Daud Kim (@jaehan9192)

Kim wrote about wanting to fill his homeland with places of worship for Muslims. He acknowledged the enormity of his ambitious goal, but remained optimistic, writing that he hopes to one day fill the streets with the sound of the call to prayer. In order to convert his dream into reality, Kim concluded his post with an appeal for financial assistance from his fanbase, listing details of his bank account and PayPal account. 

Reiterating his original post, two days later Kim posted another video of himself with a beaming smile and arms wide open as he walked over the land that he hopes will one day house his future mosque. 


A post shared by Daud Kim (@jaehan9192)

Kim, also known as Jay Kim, is a South Korean singer, actor, and YouTube celebrity. In September 2019, Kim announced his conversion to Islam via a YouTube video, and has since then gone on to perform Umrah. Muslims constitute a small fraction of the population in South Korea, consisting mainly of migrant workers and international students. Kim’s contribution and looks to boost the infrastructure for Muslims in the country. 

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