"Golden Bachelor" couple announce divorce three months after marriage

The marriage ceremony of Gerry Turner (72) and Theresa Nist (70) was broadcast live in January.

Pop Culture & Art April 13, 2024

Just three months after their televised wedding on "The Golden Bachelor," Gerry Turner (72) and Theresa Nist (70) have announced their divorce.

The reality TV couple, who captured hearts with their late-in-life romance, revealed on Friday's "Good Morning America." that differing living arrangements ultimately led to their decision. Turner resides in Indiana, while Nist calls New Jersey home.

"We've had many heartfelt conversations and carefully considered our situation," Turner stated on "Good Morning America," "and we've mutually agreed it's best to dissolve our marriage."

Turner, a widower whose first wife passed away in 2017, found love on the first season of "The Golden Bachelor," a dating show aimed at seniors. The show, a dating competition for people over 60, explored the unique joys and difficulties of finding love later in life.

He and the 22 female contestants aged 60 to 75 frequently talked about the hopes, and challenges, of dating as an older person.

"We're incredibly grateful for the love and support from viewers of 'The Golden Bachelor,'" Nist said. "So many people reached out to share how our story gave them hope, and we want that to remain unchanged."

The series, which aired on Walt Disney's ABC network, successfully revived "The Bachelor" franchise.

The season finale, featuring Turner's proposal to Nist in Costa Rica, garnered nearly 7 million viewers – the highest viewership for a "Bachelor" episode since 2020.

The couple’s marriage ceremony was broadcast live on ABC in January this year.

The network plans to continue the series with "The Golden Bachelorette" in the fall.



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