J Cole apologises to Kendrick Lamar for dropping diss track: "That was the lamest, goofiest sh*t”

Cole has promised to remove or update "7 Minute Drill" from streaming services.

Pop Culture & Art April 09, 2024

J. Cole has expressed regret for releasing the song "7 Minute Drill," aimed at Kendrick Lamar, saying he "felt terrible."

The song was a response to Lamar's verse on "Like That," where Lamar asserted his dominance in rap.

Cole's lyrics criticized Lamar's recent work, calling it "tragic" and suggesting he had "fallen off like the Simpsons."

Speaking at the Dreamville Festival in North Carolina, on Sunday, Cole apologised for his "lame" and "goofy" response.

Cole admitted feeling "terrible" and almost having a "relapse" due to the backlash. He also acknowledged the song as a "misstep" and vowed to return to his true path.

The feud began with Cole's song "First Person Shooter" last year, where he, Drake, and Lamar were referred to as the current "big three" in hip-hop.

Lamar took offence, stating in his verse on "Like That" that there was no "big three - it's just big me."

Cole concluded by promising to remove or update "7 Minute Drill" from streaming services.

The song appears on the album "Might Delete Later," a fitting name given the circumstances.


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