Who can ever be angry at this face? Asma Abbas on slapping Fawad Khan

The actor took fans on a short digital tour with a simple video shot on her phone during her latest acting project 

Entertainment Desk April 09, 2024

Taking to her YouTube channel, actor Asma Abbas invited fans to take a virtual tour with her as she shared a raw glimpse of her guest-house in Murree, where she is shooting her latest project. Shot on her own phone, the video emitted a personal touch and simplicity as Asma lamented in mock seriousness how she had to slap heartthrob Fawad Khan in a scene later that day. 

“Just look at this,” said Asma in a wry tone, sitting in the make-up chair with an artist working on her face to morph it into that of a grieving mother’s. “Today, I’m putting on sad make-up, because we’re gearing up for a very sad scene. My [onscreen] daughter has died. I can’t even wear earrings. I need to look incredibly plain and sad. But you know what the saddest thing is? I need to slap Fawad.” 

As her make-up artist burst into laughter, Asma added, “I’m serious! It’s extremely difficult! He is such a lovely boy. How can anyone ever get angry at him? But I need to slap him over and over again and shout at him - because my daughter has died and it’s all his fault, you see.” 

Fawad himself made a special appearance in the video later where, taking cue for Asma’s pretend horror at her character's rage, he advised, “Well, perhaps you can just explain things nicely to me instead.” 

It seemed, however, that this was not on the cards for either Asma or Fawad. Later in the video, Asma, fresh off the set with swollen teary eyes, revealed to her audience that her gut-wrenching scene with her fellow actor had been completed. “Look at me,” she sniffed. “My eyes hurt after all that crying. It was so emotional. I cry real tears in my scenes, you know. The last few scenes from today were tear-jerkers.”

Taking in the stunning Murree scenery around her, Asma was awed at the natural beauty of her surroundings. “What a beautiful place this is,” she noted, panning the camera to give a view of the mountains and natural greenery. “Pakistan has such beautiful locations. Why do people leave the country to shoot? There is so much greenery and beauty. People go to Turkey, Dubai, and America. They should come here instead!”

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