Kendrick Lamar reignites rap rivalry with Drake in explosive Verse on "Like That"

Future and Metro Boomin’s new album "We Don't Trust You" opens a new chapter in rap geopolitics.

Pop Culture & Art April 05, 2024


The rap world has been set ablaze as Kendrick Lamar reignites his long standing rivalry with Drake. The much-anticipated album "We Don't Trust You" by Future and Metro Boomin, already a topic of fervent discussion among fans, served as the battleground for Lamar's latest salvo in the form of his guest verse on the track “Like That,” echoing the confrontational spirit of his infamous 2013 track “Control.”


While “Control” was celebrated for its competitive zest, Lamar's verse in “Like That” signals an escalation from competition to confrontation. The track subtly yet unmistakably targets Drake, particularly referencing Drake's "First Person Shooter" from his album "For All the Dogs," where Drake boasts about surpassing Michael Jackson's record for the most Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 songs. Kendrick Lamar's response is sharp and direct, drawing an audacious comparison to pop legends, with the line: “Prince outlived Mike Jack.”


This lyrical exchange marks the latest chapter in a decade-long saga of tension between Lamar and Drake. Initially, Drake supported Lamar's rising career, featuring him on his 2011 album "Take Care" and inviting him on the Club Paradise tour. Despite this early camaraderie, their relationship has been punctuated by subtle digs and indirect comments, culminating in the openly confrontational verses of “Like That.”


Metro Boomin, involved in the production of the track, has attempted to downplay the tension, suggesting that the rivalry is not as serious as it appears. However, the explicit references and the historical context of their interactions suggest a more profound discord.


Kendrick Lamar, with 17 Grammy Awards to his name, is recognised as one of the most awarded rappers, trailing only behind icons Jay-Z and Kanye West. On the other side, Drake has left an indelible mark on the music industry through record-breaking streaming numbers and sales, crowned as Spotify’s most-streamed artist of the 2010s and holding the record for the most certified digital singles.


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