Kate Middleton's Cancer diagnosis prompts Prince Harry's reflection

Prince Harry regrets his past criticisms, especially from his memoir 'Spare'

Pop Culture & Art April 03, 2024
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Prince Harry is reportedly reconsidering his public actions in light of Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis.

Royal expert Tessa Dunlop suggests Harry likely regrets his past criticisms, especially those in his memoir 'Spare', given this difficult time for his family.

"When you do discover that your sister-in-law has cancer and you’ve written stuff that can’t be retracted, that’s quite a painful place to be in," Dunlop told Us Weekly. "I’m not saying it isn’t.”

Dunlop notes Harry and Meghan's past criticism of the monarchy while presenting themselves as an alternative. Now, amidst this health crisis, the Sussexes must show compassion while navigating their business ventures.

"They’re certainly going to have to be careful of their timing with any releases so that it doesn’t look opportunistic," Dunlop observes.

The Princess of Wales revealed her cancer diagnosis in late March, and she is undergoing preventative treatment. This news came as a shock to Prince William and Kate, who have been privately processing the information with their children.



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