Important Notice: Bar to invite Mirza for speech?

Mirza was a ‘bold politician’ and they need to express solidarity with him in his struggle to expose terrorists

Express September 05, 2011

LAHORE: Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) President Asghar Ali Gill on Monday requested a general house meeting of the bar for September 8 to discuss whether or not to invite former Sindh home minister Zulfiqar Mirza to address the bar. The requisition, addressed to the LHCBA secretary, was filed by Advocates Irfan and Syed Zulfiqar Ali Bokhari with signatures of 20 other bar members supporting the requisition. It stated that the LHCBA members demanded an emergency session of the general house to invite Mirza to address the bar. They said that Mirza was a ‘bold politician’ and it was essential to express solidarity with him in his struggle to expose terrorists and killers in Karachi. The requisition said that Mirza’s press conference had revealed the conspiracy against Pakistan and its people. The bar members said that Mirza should be applauded for his stance. They also demanded setting up a judicial commission for a fair inquiry into the evidence brought before the nation by Mirza.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 6th, 2011.


Arzoo | 11 years ago | Reply

The statement from LHCBA does not sound like coming from a body of lawyers. Rather it sounds like emanating from a two-bit political party. When I read the heading I thought that it was a good idea to invite the former Sindh Interior Minister to hear his views and not to rule him out as an emotional nit-fit. But as I read the content of the news I was disappointed that prior to hearing the views of the potential invitee the 'lawyers' have already issued their verdict of solidarity and support. Now how would that fit with the rest of their membership who would be of the opposite view because not too long ago ZM had also issued a statement that right after BB's murder he was of the opinion that Pakistan Nakhappay but President Zardari convinced him otherwise by saying Pakistan Khappay. Maybe the "rest of their membership" does not matter and the LHCBA leadership can force their decision down their throats because they sound like a body that will be inclined in that direction anyway. If Pakistan's lawyers are of this standard then God help us.

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