Faris Shafi’s ‘Kong’ packs a trap-enfused punch in 58 seconds

Rapper dropped his latest track on IG, amassing over 14,000 likes

Entertainment Desk February 21, 2024

Faris Shafi, known for his no-holds-barred yet deeply relatable lyricism, takes a sharp turn in his latest track, Kong, offering listeners a bite-sized experience that leaves a lasting impression. Interestingly, the rapper-songwriter dropped the track on his Instagram handle with little preamble.

Clocking in at just one minute, the song embarks with an intro beat reminiscent of his iconic track The Body Bhench*d Aisi. The reversed sounds in the introduction and quirky trap elements contribute to an enticing musical landscape.

However, what stands out prominently in Kong is Faris' refined flow of the English verse, showcasing growth and fluency that contrasts with his earlier work like Lafz. This evolution adds a layer of sophistication to his already diverse linguistic repertoire of Urdu, English and Punjabi.

On the lyrical front, the track passes in all the familiar ways with Faris not only schooling fans and competitors with a confident declaration of his prowess, stating, “the incredible, jaante sabhi hain, Faris Shafi,” but also adopting a confrontational tone, urging listeners to “kha lein, ap nigal lein is ko aur nikal idhar se.”

That said, the incorporation of an autotuned background voice for ad libs introduces a novel, albeit divisive, element. While some may appreciate the trap-enfused technique, others might feel it diminishes the raw authenticity that defines Faris' earlier works.

Kong marks a departure from the singer’s usual stripped-down and DIY style, opting for a heavily produced sound akin to Muaziz Saarif from the 2022 PSL. The track, both in terms of production and its accompanying music video, exudes a sense of grandeur, featuring CGI elements not previously explored by the artist.

In this brief musical journey, Faris demonstrates a willingness to experiment with contemporary sounds, showcasing his versatility and adaptability within the ever-evolving landscape of Pakistani rap. Kong may be short-lived, but its impact is undeniable, leaving fans eager to witness where this musical exploration will lead Faris in the future.


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