Rakhi won't stop chanting Imran Khan's name, says she's the 'first girl from India' to support PTI

Fans of the politician have bombarded Rakhi with varying degrees of love

Entertainment Desk February 15, 2024

The world truly is a strange and magical place. In an absurd turn of events, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan has found an unlikely fan in India. As per a clip circulating on X, that fan is none other than reality television star Rakhi Sawant.

A user of the site formerly known as Twitter shared a 26-second snippet of Rakhi being interviewed. The performer, clad in a blue gown, began yelling, "Imran Khan! I really like Imran Khan!" in the circulating video. "Don't ever question my Rakhi ever again," stated the caption accompanying the video, continuing on to jokingly threaten her estranged former husband, Adil.

Rakhi then went on to state in the video, "I'm the first girl from India who is yelling in support, telling people to vote for PTI [and] Imran Khan, who has been forcefully imprisoned without any cause." She went on to imply that this was not a great display of democracy in action. 

Furthermore, in a post on her Instagram, the star said she will "definitely come to Pakistan," to congratulate the politician. She even said, "PTI's votes will make them win, and I will go do Umrah again." The star also dedicated her new song, Drama Queen, to the political leader, addressing him directly. "Even though after PTI got many votes, a lot of people are doing drama [in Pakistan]," added Rakhi.

Rakhi also went on to state that she was extremely disheartened by the fact that despite the people's voices aligning with Imran, he had been imprisoned without cause. "The civilians want Imran Khan to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. And it will happen," stated the star. 

As a consequence, fans of the politician have bombarded the video with varying degrees of love directed towards Rakhi. "Who all will this man make us support," lamented one X user. Another reiterated, "Who all will we have to like because of our support for Khan?" Yet another hilariously said, "Rakhi tere jaan nisaar, bayshumar bayshumar." One user of the microblogging site added, "The queen has spoken." 

Given the sheer unexpectedness of this show of support by Rakhi, one X user rightfully questioned, "What in the multiverse of madness is going on?" Another asserted, "Only she can save us now." One X user found a way to make this about marriage, claiming, "Not even joking, Khan wouldn't waste a second wifing her up." 

X is a peculiar place - even more so when crossovers such as these take place. Regardless, it is evident that Rakhi is a fan of Imran, and if she probably could, she'd cross the border, just to cast her vote. 

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