Imran, Bushra's 'illicit relations' began in 2014 sit-in: Maneka

Ex-husband of former first lady accuses ex-PM of ruining his home during heated courtroom exchange

News Desk February 02, 2024
In a heated courtroom exchange, Maneka claimed that the illicit relationship between Bushra and Khan started during the 2014 sit-in, accusing Khan of ruining his home. PHOTO: FILE

Khawar Maneka, the former husband of Bushra Bibi, wife of Imran Khan, the founding chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has made damning accusations against Khan during the ongoing hearing of the 'un-Islamic' nikkah case at Adiala Jail.

In a heated courtroom exchange, Maneka claimed that the illicit relationship between Bushra and Khan started during the 2014 sit-in, accusing Khan of ruining his home. The incident unfolded before Judge Qudratullah, who presided over the proceedings.

Tensions ran high during the hearing, with Maneka, Khan and Bushra engaging in a quarrel. Despite the turmoil, Maneka managed to record his statement. Bushra's lawyer, Usman Riaz Gul, cross-examined Maneka, leading to further confrontations. Gul allegedly attempted to physically assault Maneka, threatening to throw him out of the courtroom.

Imran Khan, addressing the judge, expressed his willingness to take an oath on the Holy Quran, challenging Maneka to do the same. Khan insisted that he first saw Bushra Bibi on the day of their marriage and claimed that the accusations against him were false.

Maneka vehemently denied Khan's statement, accusing him of destroying his home and urging Khan to fear God. The court considered the possibility of both parties taking oaths on the Holy Quran, emphasising that after doing so, the right of cross-examination would cease.

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However, the court later clarified that Khan could not take an oath, as he had offered to take it from the witness. The court's decision prompted PTI founder's lawyers to return the court order.

After the courtroom drama, Maneka spoke to reporters, revealing the impact of the alleged affair on his family. He claimed that one of his daughters had faced divorce due to Bushra's infidelity, while one of his sons suffered from depression and entered a rehabilitation center.

Maneka accused Khan of entering their lives through Farah Gogi and Bushra's sister Maryam, asserting that their alleged illicit relationship began during the 2014 sit-in. He emphasised that he had remained silent for years but chose to speak out now for the sake of his children.

Breaking into tears, Maneka showed reporters printouts of his children's WhatsApp messages, highlighting the emotional toll the situation had taken on his family.

Meanwhile, Bushra spoke to journalists for the first time in Adiala Jail, portraying herself as a victim of a plot to humiliate her. She claimed her house had been turned into a prison and vowed not to succumb to pressure. Bushra labeled the accusations as an attempt to weaken Khan and the PTI, expressing her determination to stand firm.

In a poignant statement, Bushra, who is also known as a spiritual guru, emphasised that goodness is not measured by appearances, and she vowed to withstand any challenges thrown her way.


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