It gives me anxiety to see people treat each other badly after divorce: Momina Iqbal

‘Ehd e Wafa’ actor teared up in appreciation of her parents’ loving marriage

Entertainment Desk January 15, 2024

While few claim to know foolproof ways to ensure a loving marriage, having a role model at home can significantly shape one's understanding of commitment, communication and shared values. Pakistani actor Momina Iqbal can attest to this fortune. Featuring as a guest on a talk show with host Wasi Shah, the Ehsaan Faramosh star shared poignant recollections of her parents’ loving marriage.

Acknowledging how a good marriage is never without its ups and downs, the TV star expressed, “It’s not like they always stayed happily in agreement together, always saying ‘yes dear’. Sometimes, they also have clashes that your stance is wrong, that a certain matter should proceed differently.”

However, Momina stressed that upholding a certain etiquette of respect is essential even in moments of discord. Such regard must come from a recognition that a woman has left her home and her family to come to live with her husband. “I have always seen my father pamper my mother immensely, giving her love and respect. He attends to even her smallest of needs,” Momina teared up as she articulated the affectionate bond she has always witnessed her parents share.

She continued, “My father is so loving and caring…It is my prayer that when we get married my father gets son-in-laws just like him. This is every girl’s wish that if her father is nice, she gets a future partner similarly good-natured.” Overcome by sheer emotion and appreciation for her parents for setting a marital benchmark, the Samjhota actor wiped her tears.

Remarking on how frequently former couples take to public spaces to disparage their partners after their marriages dissolve, Momina shared that such displays of discord affect her a lot. “These days I see people get divorced, it causes me a lot of anxiety [to see] two people who have lived together, treat each other so badly [after a divorce],” she revealed.

Offering her thoughts on such open hostility long after a relationship has ended, the celebrity furthered on, “Both on social media and in real life, if one partner is sitting but the other is not…When you have had good times with someone, then you should treat them with the same level of respect and dignity even after [the relationship ends].” 

“It doesn’t matter if it’s someone from my family, it can be anyone out there,” Momina explained how her reaction is prompted not by proximity to the former couple but from a wider belief in maintaining mutual respect. “I would not like to see a boy comment on a girl after spending considerable time with her, ‘She was like this or that’ did you spend so much time together with ‘someone like that’?” she posed the question rhetorically. 

As per the actor, remaining in a relationship despite holding feelings of resentment makes the man a coward. However, Momina holds women in these particular cases to the same standard. “I have a similar issue with the girl too. Why did you stay with a boy like that for so long?” she questioned. “We have an option [to leave], we’re educated people. We know better.”

Embarking on her acting journey in 2018, with the lead role of Maryam in the daily soap, Parlour Wali Larki, Momina has steadily established herself as a successful actor. Shortly after her television debut, the actor graced the big screen with the 2019 film Daal Chawal. The actor has garnered attention for her notable performances as supporting characters in popular television serials, including Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, Ishq Mein Kaafir and Ehd e Wafa.

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