Multiple murders: 4 women of a family killed over ‘honour’

Abbas, Shah and Hassan escaped after shooting their wives over suspicion.

Express September 04, 2011


Four women of a family were killed over ‘honour’ on Saturday.

According to police officials, Kot Choghta area resident Qamar Abbas Shah killed his 26-year-old wife Ismat Batool and his brother-in-law Nazim Hussain Shah shot and killed his wife Abbas’s sister Sumayya and his 55-year-old mother in law Fateha Bibi for allegedly concealing the news.

Their relative Jhawarian resident Hassan Shah killed his wife Perveen Bibi on the same day. The women were killed after some neighbours had charged them all with adultery and having conspired to leave their husbands. “It was a rumour that their enemies had spread about them but the men of the house believed it and shot all of them,” said a servant at the house.

All the accused fled from the scene.

Locals in the area protested after they heard about the shooting and police officials arrived at the house to find the four women’s bodies laid out on the floor in the middle of the room.

“The men have escaped but we are searching for them,” said a police inspector. “All the women belong to the same  family and we found they were all shot at point blank range,” he added.

The bodies of the four women have been sent to the DHQ Hospital for an autopsy and police officials have registered a case and are searching for the three accused.

Abbas, Shah and Hassan’s families have been taken in for questioning regarding their whereabouts.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 4th, 2011.


Irshad Khan | 10 years ago | Reply

Rape, gang rape, honour killing, Winni, watta satta, killings on petty matters is order of the day. Arms and deadliest fire arms are very common in the whole country, not on the basis of licences, issued without any verification and only to responsible people, but one can buy any fire arm any where in this country without any licence and can freely use it. Due to uncertainty in society people have no patience to listen to others and lose temper on petty matters or on hearsay and women are treated just like animals. It needs very strict laws and very strict control on such crimes. Now at the moment we are a society of hatred, exploitation and killings. Our religious leaders are not doing anything to create atmosphere of love and affection rather they are involved in exploitation for extremism. Imams of mosques and madarsahs can play a very important role to calm down the people and to behave in civilised manners.

Nauman Ali | 10 years ago | Reply

How "sick" have we become as a nation .... the heart weeps in agony.......

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