Documents show tight CIA-Libya cooperation: Report

The CIA moved to set up in 2004 "a permanent presence" in the country, says Wall Street Journal report.

Afp September 03, 2011

WASHINGTON: Files found at a Libyan government building show strong cooperation between the CIA and Moamer Qaddafi's intelligence agencies, including shipping terror suspects to the North African country for interrogation, a report said Friday.

The Central Intelligence Agency, under the administration of then-president George W. Bush, brought terror suspects to Libya and suggested questions that Libyan interrogators should ask them, the Wall Street Journal said, citing documents found at the headquarters of Libya's External Security agency.

The CIA also moved to set up in 2004 "a permanent presence" in the country, the Journal said, according to a note from CIA top operative Stephen Kappes to Libya's intelligence chief, at the time, Moussa Koussa, was head of Libyan intelligence.

Suggesting the close relationship between the two top clandestine services officials, the note begins "Dear Musa" and was signed "Steve," said the Journal.

An unnamed US official quoted by the daily noted that, at the time, Libya was breaking diplomatic ice with the West.

"Let's keep in mind the context here: By 2004, the US had successfully convinced the Libyan government to renounce its nuclear-weapons program and to help stop terrorists who were actively targeting Americans in the US and abroad," said the official.

The files were uncovered by Human Rights Watch researchers who toured the Libyan government building, and gave copies to the Journal.



GW | 12 years ago | Reply

So much for the axis of evil... turns out the mother of all evil is indeed USA. Watch the spin doctors now!!

khan of quetta | 12 years ago | Reply

afghanistan all over again ntc is just like the mujahideen used against the soviets

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