Alleged murderer held after eight years

The man who had allegedly killed his daughter, son-in-law was extradited to Germany.

Express September 03, 2011


A man who allegedly killed his daughter and son-in-law in Germany eight years ago and fled to Pakistan was extradited on Tuesday. Sources said that Mehmood Ahmed, 55, was not happy with his daughter for marrying against his wishes. He killed his daughter and son-in-law in Frankfurt in October 2003.

He escaped to Pakistan and hid in Chenabnagar, his native village. Interpol had issued red notice for him. After eight years in hiding, Mehmood was finally nabbed from his village on August 12 by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and shifted to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi. Islamabad’s Additional Deputy Commissioner issued extradition warrants for Mehmood on August 27. The source said that on Tuesday morning, the agency handed Mehmood over to two German police officers for extradition. He was flown to Germany on a PIA flight.

Sources said that during her stay in Pakistan, Mehmood’s daughter married Arshad Mehmood. Her parents were not happy with the marriage because Arshad was from another sect. Soon after the marriage, the couple moved to Germany. An FIA official said that when the daughter informed her father about their presence in Germany, the couple was invited to come over to Mehmood’s place. The father even invited the couple to stay with him, according to the source.

Quoting Mehmood’s wife, the official said the couple accepted the invitation and came to Mehmood’s home in Frankfurt in October 2003. On the first night, Mehmood and Arshad slept in a separate room while the daughter shared another room with the rest of the family.

However, “On the second night of their stay, my husband took me into his bedroom, where my daughter and her husband were lying in a pool of blood,” the official quoted Mehmood’s wife as saying in her statement. As German police started a probe, Mehmood escaped and reached Pakistan via Bangkok. Years ago Mehmood, who is allegedly a member of a religious minority, moved to Germany with his family after his request for asylum was accepted.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 3rd, 2011.