Tipu: A time to weep, a time to laugh

Concerned with the ongoing violence across Pakistan, funny man Tipu has reasons to move from comic to serious roles.

Saadia Qamar September 02, 2011


Starting off with the TV show “Sab Set Hai”, he was initially seen in only comic roles, but he then transitioned on to  more serious roles. Pakistani actor Adnan Shah, aka Tipu, will now play the character of Osama bin Laden in a short documentary based on the last days of the deceased al Qaeda leader.

The actor has never been seen as a chocolate hero, and has managed to play certain villainous characters in his reel life along with his frequent comic roles. Being an old hand in comedy, Tipu is now experimenting with contemporary dark roles, inspired by the political instability in Pakistan.

There is a buzz about you performing the role of Osama bin Laden in a documentary. It is true?

Yes, I have enacted the role of Osama bin Laden and the film actually revolves around his last days. It’s a short 30-minute documentary film, which is still in the production process. We have kept it simple and focused on how he must have led his life in seclusion. The title of the film is yet to be decided but it has been written, directed and produced by Sufiyan Khan.

How has the transition been like for you from comic to dark roles?

Being funny or even being happy is a state of mind. It takes a lot of courage to do comedy in a country like Pakistan. About 122 deaths have already taken place in Karachi in the week starting from August 26. If we would not smile, who would then give Pakistanis any hope? If we won’t entertain, people will be entertained by something else which may be negative. Our leaders have to realise that we too, need to live and have the right to live in peace and happiness, because every human being has the right to be happy.

I am a versatile actor. If I have taken on roles in comedy plays, I have also done some villainous roles, like those in PTV series titled “Mein”. I consider this one of my best works ever. Another private production “Shikayat” by Studio 63 has also provided me with a role of a desi Robin Hood. Both these TV series are yet to air.

You are considered to be a funny man, what brings such serious undertones?

I am a pleasant person but unlike before when I was less answerable, now I’m a married man and have responsibilities to take care of. In a short period of time, I will be entering the domains of fatherhood. I never deserved as much as I have been blessed with.

What about your
association with Mani and Azfar?

We are still friends, but I think we have all gone in our own separate directions and are all doing very well. Mani is a host, Azfar is a director and I have been working as an actor. I think we have all become responsible in our own ways. Hence, life’s journey continues.

Which channels do you prefer to work for?

I work for anyone and everyone. Any channel that offers me good money and a good script, I work for them.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 3rd, 2011.