Biden says he does not 'want to contain China,' seeks alliances to maintain stability

After meeting Vietnamese Communist Party leader in Hanoi, US president says Washington does not stand 'to hurt China'

Anadolu Agency September 10, 2023
Biden expressed his intention to put US-China relations back on track. PHOTO: ANADOLU AGENCY


US President Joe Biden said on Sunday that he does not "want to contain" China but accused Beijing of "changing the rules of the game."

"Really what this trip is about, it’s less about containing China. I don’t want to contain China," said the US president after a bilateral meeting with Vietnamese Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in Hanoi, Vietnam. "We are not looking to decouple from China."

He emphasized that Washington does not stand to "hurt China."

However, Biden said the US will “not to sell material that would enhance their capacity make more nuclear weapons, to engage defence capacity.”

"Having Vietnam close to US" does not mean "containing China," Biden stressed.

However, he accused Beijing of having “beginning to change rules of the games in terms of trade, other issues.”

Biden expressed his sincere intention to put US-China relations back on track.

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“This trip is not about containing China… it is about having a stable base in Indo-Pacific,” said Biden, adding he wants relations with Beijing “up and up (that) everybody knows what it is all about.”

He said the US has been “strengthening alliances around the world “to maintain stability.”

The US president noted that his Chinese counterpart Xi Jingpin has “some difficulties right now.”

“He has his hands full,” said Biden, adding Xi was facing “economic difficulties” including youth unemployment.

While the US president said he is looking to meet his Chinese counterpart “soon,” Biden said he met Xi’s “Number 2” during his visit to India where they attended G-20 summit.

Biden apparently referred to Chinese Premier Li Qiang who attended the 18th summit of G-20 leaders in New Delhi.

“My team, staff still meets with President’s people,” said Biden.                                


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